Who does that…!!!

So Many Aliases


I’ve made a list of all the names
That I sometimes call my friend.
That list seems to go on and on;
Seemingly and without end.

 If you are near me when I babble
These crazy monikers,
You might wonder how my friend
Knows these names are only hers.

 And also you may question
Is my brain a messy scramble?
For in the presence of my friend
My mouth will start to ramble.

 Chickie, chickie boom-boom girl
Is a favorite one I use.
Wocka-Wocka” she does know
As along a walk we cruise.

 Zipper-tummy” another one;
About which you needn’t know.
She likes it when I call her that
For on her back she’ll go.

 This verse will stay appropriate.
There’s more before I’m done.
But so you know; before you go.
My friend is a four-legged one.

 Gooza-Gooza” will let me know
When she needs to go outside.
And “Silly-Willy” gets so amped up
At the mention of a ride.

 She’ll come to me as a “Hug-a-Bug Girl
For a boost up on my lap.
And if I head for my recliner,
Ticky-Wicky” with me will nap.

 When “Buddha-Belly” wants a treat
It’s as if she can talk.
She’ll come and snort and look at me
Meaning follow me on this walk.

 And off I go to the cabinet
Where indeed the treats are there.
Doofus” then will look at me
With her anticipation stare.

 Doodle-Bug” can nap all day
On the back of the couch.
Souga-Bouga” is a friend to all
And has never been a grouch.

 And if my doorbell’s pushed,
Peety-Weety” is my first alert.
Her screams will scare me out my wits
But no one would she hurt.

 So many names she does know
For she reacts to one and all.
Pooka-Pooka”, “come to me”.
She’ll respond to my call.

 When day is done and night has come
It’s time for bed we think.
Bubble-Belly” likes one more rub,
Then a pee and a pre-sleep drink.

 Oh yes, I brush her toofies
And a boost up on the bed.
Sweetie-Pie” will then hunker down.
No more today be said.

 KeeWee is a special girl
Who likes my goofy talks.
I must be careful when we are out
On our afternoon daily walks.

 For when I pass some people
Calling KeeWee a funny name;
They’ll look at me and shake their head
And wonder who’s to blame.

 I’ll admit to all who know me
That, at times, I’m in the dark.
How KeeWee knows all these words
Yet I only know one bark.


Kermit Frye

Keewee Sparkle


Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Don’t panic…I’m still here



If there were to be a marker

When I have left this earth,

I wish that it would only say

The date of death and birth.

There are no words to be carved

That would carry any weight.

I’ve done a lot of good things,

But none considered great.

I say, no greatness have I done.

I’ve lived a simple way.

Fortune, fame came not to me;

But rich, I am, I say!

Others made me what I am;

A person that was dutiful.

The loving family, loyal friends;

‘Tis they who made life beautiful.

They are the ones, let it be known

Who formed my lucky life;

Were always there when I was not;

At times when there was strife

So save those words for those

Who have done much more than me.

I’m grateful that some may think

And want a lastng eulogy.

No more words on that marker

There’s no more should be said.

But if there’s someone who insists;

Simply etch that Kemit’s dead…



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Addiction #34 The Lifeless Rat


Okay, okay, I’ve cleaned out my draft file with this jewel.  Perhaps, now, I can create something more pertinent to the times, albeit, that may be too dreary.  We’ll see…


Addiction #34  Feb 15, 2017


Plastic Rat


The Lifeless Rat


In the middle of the road lay a lifeless rat.

I wondered how long there he had sat.

A moving creature once he had been;

Is it possible a human could revive it again?

Those red beady eyes are solemnly dim;

Squeaks and squeals no longer from him.

Perhaps he was someone’s favorite thing.

The loss of him did sadness bring.

The person who came upon this site

Tried to do what they thought was right.

They picked him up and they were amazed

To see that black rat had only been grazed.

Gently they picked him from the ground,

Caressing and touching and feeling around;

They discovered a switch was on this creature

Which they guessed was for a specific feature.

They threw that switch and lo and behold

That big black rat went from dead to bold.

His red eyes lit up and the squeals began

As if he was thanking that discovering man.

You can call the finder of your favorite thing;

Sadness to joy that reunion will bring.

Remember to express your sincerest thanks

To the finder who found one of your pranks.

He rescued that rat from a fate so drastic

Be assured that he saved your rat of plastic.


Kermit Frye 2/15/2017



Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Addiction 33a The Wave II

Cleaning out the draft folder…these words were more true 4 years ago, but now that we are experiencing a pandemic and neighbors are bored silly because of their self-imposed isolation, it seems to me that my neighbors have become more friendly and more interested in being noticed because I no longer have to initiate a greeting – people are actually waving to me and greeting me and saying “hello” and “good morning” and “how are you” and smiling.  Was that a compount-compound sentence I just wrote??  Anyhow, enjoy the WAVE…


Addiction #33a  9/3/2016

Addiction to A Wave – II

While on my bike in the neighborhood
Enjoying the ride and feeling good,
I’d get some looks from different folks
As I spun my wheels with 36 spokes. 

Out and about on my one-speed bike
Is something that I really like.
It’s not a race when I’m out for a ride;
It’s just a chance to be outside. 

My bicycle is a simple one.
You turn the pedals and it will run.
There are no gears you can mistake.
To stop, you use your coaster brake. 

No matter whom I chance to meet
My nature is to try to greet;
But, when I raise my hand into a wave
It’s probably something that I should save. 

So many folks refuse to budge
As if they hold a permanent grudge.
They dare not greet a perfect stranger,
Because they think there is a danger.

If you pass me on your super wheels
You’re not aware of how it feels
To have me wave a friendly hi

And I’m ignored as you go by.

No matter what, I’ll keep on riding;
You won’t see that my hand is hiding.
Just lift your hand;  show some smiles
As I bike along some friendly miles.





Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Addiction #31 The Group

Oh my, I wrote this 7 years ago and it’s been sitting in my blog draft box all this time.  A little insight:  the community in which I live has an egroup that can, at times, get out of control.  There are moderators that do a decent job, but some of the posts that slip by them are truly hilarious.  I must say there are a lot of “inquisitive” folks here as well as those who will try to sell you their junk by embellishing the description when posting…caveat emptor!!

I have been moderated off the group for posting my attempt to bring some humor to my neighbors.  I was told the group was not designed for such frivolity…hmmmmm!!


ADDICTION #31   April 9, 2013


Addiction to the Group


I’m feeling ashamed for not having penned

An addictive poem for you, my friend.

The PebbleCreek group has mellowed a bit.

Writer’s block’s been on me, but here I sit.


Today, I’m trying and testing myself

To reach up, pull a rhyme off my poetry shelf;

Perhaps be inspired to shake up my brain

And get back into the ole’ groove once again.


I’m watching those posts and hoping to read

About an article to help plant my poetry seed.

But, lately the group’s posts seem to be sane

Whereas in the past, some were so inane.


Sure there were things like toilets for sale,

Bikes and rugs and things that did fail;

‘puters and printers  that’ll scan and they’ll fax.

You can buy a gun and not even pay tax.


Are you looking for tickets to go to a show?

Put it on the group and away you’ll go.

Whatever you need, not really that tough;

For example do you need some golfing stuff?


Just ask, and most likely you’ll get a reply.

At least I can say it’s well worth a try.

Do you need a painter to spruce up your house;

Or pest control for the pesky mouse?


There are those who keep a list that they will share.

Whatever you need, you’ll find it there.

How about knowing how much rain we did get?

Don’t have to go outside or even get wet.


Did you happen to see the police drive by?

If not, it’s on the group in the blink of an eye.

Those pigeons are still, to some, a concern

As are the drivers who fail to signal a turn.


I’ll watch for material to feed my addiction

Knowing I can write without a restriction.

Pass on a subject and I know what I’ll do…

I’ll write a poem that’s especially for you.


Kermit Frye




Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Addiction #32 GatorADE Aid

OK, here goes.  As you can see by the date below, I wrote this 5 years ago.  Our gated community has an egroup whereby one can post items for sale or items needed or recommendations or requests for services, etc.  There are those who also utilize the group postings to voice inane complaints and other rants.  These are the posts that feed my hunger for composing responses to demonstrate the futility of voicing that about which no one else gives a crap!!

(my poems are my addictions)

ADDICTION #32 July 20, 2015


Oh, terrible news in our fair hood.Terrible news | Hotessa Laurence
A worker did not do that which he should.
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Guy Tossing Trash in a Garbage Can ... He tossed a bottle on a resident’s yard. ask, did it cause a shard ?    transparent glass shards PNG image with transparent background ...

 The bottle was made of plastic you see,

Plastic bottle 2 l green - classic |

Made to last for eternity. Eternity

The resident refused to pick up that trash.
Instead, toward the worker he’d rather lash;

Refusing Unsafe Work | Alberta BC Safety
Find out which company hired that jerk;
Make sure he’d never be able to work.r/IDontWorkHereLady - Stop Putting Words In My Mouth Young Man ...

Was the resident angry with grumpy pants?

Grumpy Pants - Imitation of Mink
Did he, by nature, have often rants?

Some even offered to retrieve that toss Picking Up Trash Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

Making the resident feel like the boss.

Being The Boss | My Black Lab

And thus, that offer he did refuse; Why Is It Hard to Say “No” and How Can You Get Better at It ...Why Is It Hard to Say “No” and How Can You Get Better at It ...

Therefore the writing of this terrible news.

The bottle was labeled with GatorAde.

Gatorade Thirst Quencher Fruit Punch Sports Drink, 20 Fl. Oz., 8 ...
Perhaps in China it may have been made;

But here on a yard it has come to rest.

Riversdale homeowner receives $250 fine for 'trash pit' yard | CTV ...


How long it will be there is anyone’s guess. Biodegradable plastics are not the answer to reducing marine ...

We can only hope the banter will fade

What does PYOT mean? - Definition of PYOT - PYOT stands for Pick ...

When the resident comes to the GatorAde’s AID.


Kermit Frye




Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Addiction #33 Zip-on-Leg

I have recently been inspired to jump on my WordPress page and post something.  Some poems have been sitting in my draft file for a bit too long.  I have been waiting for inspiration and time to attach some photos to said poems.  The time is now…


Addiction #33  Feb 5, 2017

Zip-On Leg

Can you imagine as you walk along;Walking Man Vector Icon People Walk Sign Illustration Stock ...

February Legal Roundup: Is 'Something Is Wrong' Enough Notice of a ...         Something, you know, is dreadfully wrong,

Pirate Peg Leg Picture for Classroom / Therapy Use - Great Pirate ...    Perhaps it fell from someone’s peg,                        

There on the ground a zip-on leg. Mxinran Compression Socks, New Compression Zipper Sox ...


Should I pick it up or let it lay?  Library of pick it up clip freeuse stock png files ▻▻▻ Clipart ...

They who lost it 3 Important Elements of a Customer Case Study - Business 2 Community may come this way;

Searching… for they know it’s gone,  Homer Simpson cries when Star vs The Forces Of Evil it's gone | Fandom

Dawn by Sappheiros on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds Maybe lost in the dark pre dawn.


Did they feel a chill  I'm Awfully Cold    when off it fell? 

Perhaps they could not even tell. I Don't Know

I Know It Clipart I know that I would probably know

If my zip-on leg decided to go. 


I’d place it on a Kare-Bears seat                                            Concrete Bench Outdoor Furniture Patio Decor Patio Bench | Etsy

And hope it’s not a difficult feat; Complex Difficult Task Or Question Un Business, Problem Concept ...

That zip-on leg be reattached

Ensure that tab is tightly latched.  ZipperMend: Fix and Repair Broken Zippers


Vector Illustration Opposite Black And White Head Face Silhouette ...      It’s not a sight you want to see

While walking along  Peaceful Walk in the Forest by Girl-With-Wings13 on DeviantArt peacefully;

A zip-on leg just laying there.

One leg covered, one leg bare.

  One Welly, One Bare | Latitude Festival | Tamsin Chapman | Flickr


A leg you thought, is what I mean.  The What,” “The How,” And “The Why” Of Native App Preloads ...

Buy UFOTV Presents: I Know What I Saw - Microsoft Store             That’s not the item that was seen.

Reporting that would have been tacky;             Uncool |Attitude

The zip-on leg was made of khaki.

Zip Cargo Pants | Pant So


Kermit Frye – 2/5/17




Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Addiction 30A The coyotes

This addiction is the result of postings in 2012 on the PebbleCreek egoup – amazing!!!

Addiction #30A  November, 2012


It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me    no sense

idiocy Those amongst us can express such idiocy.

But here on our group of learned folks  educated folks

The postings I read must certainly be jokes. jokes

help.jpgIt starts with one who’s asking for help,

When late at night they “here” a yelp coyote howl

Of a coyote welcoming the newest member; coyote put

As occurs most often in mid November.

coyote pups They may have two pups or as many as eight,

Depending upon if the food has been great –

The food in the form of rabbits bunny and doves dove

And anything else that a coyote loves.

Leave ‘em alone, they were here before us.

The postings continue like an annual chorus. chorus

They’re part of nature, let’s share the land

indian band            Like we didn’t do for the Indian Band.

Some want to inquire of the Indian troops

What they did to rid those coyote groups. indian hunter

Can we move coyotes to a new location desert

Indian reservation         Like we did the Indians to a reservation?

A massive kill proved not to work.  coyote slaughter

Whoever proposed that was certainly a jerk !


They were here first, we’re the invaders.

They’ve even withstood the big earth graders. earth graderearth grader

Some wish to hold the HOA liable .      hoa fault

Laughing so hard, it’s making me cryable !laughing tears

I’m told when you hear a howl in the night  coyote howl

bunnies Bunny population was reduced just a slight.

Twenty-three howls recorded to date,

But some say they have ID’ed twenty-eight

One said the reason we can’t run em’ all off coyote running

The coyotes are here because of the golf.  coyote golf course

So when you’re out at night to let your dog pee,

dog peeing

Put ‘em on a leash, don’t let ‘em run free

This subject is closed, but if you don’t remember;

Not to worry, it’ll be back again next November.

Kermit Frye


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona

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Far Right, Far Left, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Independent – What is going on with us AMERICANS??? I have never seen so much hate and discontent being splashed on every media outlet available. Sure we all have our opinions, hopes, worries, dreams for a better America and a better personal life. Are there evil Democrats?? …Are there evil Republicans?? …are there evil Americans?? …of course there are!! But I don’t hate EVERY Democrat, EVERY Republican, EVERY woman, EVERY African American, EVERY Muslim, EVERY Jew, EVERY Native American. There are a lot of people I don’t LIKE, but HATE seems so FINAL. For those who focus so intently on THEIR party-affiliation and totally disregard the opposing party’s views, maybe, just maybe, if you took a moment to realize that those folks are not your enemies…they are simply Americans with a different perspective. The mud-slinging does no more than belittle your own self. It amazes me how many untruths are spread about a group or a person with no substantiation. I have “friends” on Facebook that post one-sided, evil comments and as tempted as I am to respond, I do not. I respect their right to voice their opinions, but am disappointed when their posts are vile and so prejudicial and unproven. Do I unfriend them…no…As long as they accept me as their friend, they remain mine. I can’t change their beliefs. As screwed up as a lot of us think the US Government is, it is comprised of many people of many beliefs, and we’re still here. I like being an AMERICAN…I LOVE being an AMERICAN…E PLURIBUS UNUM


Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Oh no, not again, what have I done?

Okay, so it’s Christmas time and one is supposed to feel gleeful and loving and cheery and gooey and all those feelings associated with this time of the year.  I get that.  I actually feel those feelings…but, then something pops up and takes away those feelings briefly.

I do the social media thing like a lot of people; however, I’m not obsessed as some are and don’t flood the market.  My postings are occasional.  Maybe there are times when I post too often in short bursts, but I try to limit myself.  Sometimes I put out to the public silly or stupid things.  I’ve been known to delete something after it’s been out there for just a short while, because I know I should never have done it in the first place.  Unfortunately, those postings that I delete may have already been noticed by some.  Just like words that come out of your mouth and you regret you ever said them, that’s how those deleted postings remain in the minds of some.  That brings me to the reason for this, my blog…

I do the Facebook thing.  I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve done it.  When I first signed on, I thought it was a super way to reconnect with long lost friends and a way to put myself out there for friends searching for me.  It was nice to see a Birthday wish or a family gathering of people I knew.  Gradually, the postings became more like commercials on TV.  Friends of friends of friends shared their likes and dislikes.  Honestly, most of those “likes” are of no interest to me.  I can scroll through page after page on Facebook before one small posting may catch my eye.

I bowed out of Facebook for about 3 months.  I wasn’t seeing all the negative posts that irked me.  I didn’t have to scroll through page after page of “likes” and “shares” to find one simple posting that interested me.  I felt some peace.

Well, I signed back on to Facebook about a month ago thinking I’d try again.  Not sure I’ve done the right thing.  I’m trying to keep an open mind and not be so critical of postings that I think should never have been put there.  I have the urge to make a rebuttal comment of a friend’s posting degrading another human, but that might just make my blood pressure rise and blood boil, so I’m holding “my tongue”.  Any posting I make, I shall try to make it a positive one.  I may even “unfriend” some more friends (I’ve already done that to some because of their negativity).  It may be that I’ll have a Facebook page with just good friends and no bad friends.  Is that an oxymoron??

Look out Instagram…


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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