Far Right, Far Left, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Independent – What is going on with us AMERICANS??? I have never seen so much hate and discontent being splashed on every media outlet available. Sure we all have our opinions, hopes, worries, dreams for a better America and a better personal life. Are there evil Democrats?? …Are there evil Republicans?? …are there evil Americans?? …of course there are!! But I don’t hate EVERY Democrat, EVERY Republican, EVERY woman, EVERY African American, EVERY Muslim, EVERY Jew, EVERY Native American. There are a lot of people I don’t LIKE, but HATE seems so FINAL. For those who focus so intently on THEIR party-affiliation and totally disregard the opposing party’s views, maybe, just maybe, if you took a moment to realize that those folks are not your enemies…they are simply Americans with a different perspective. The mud-slinging does no more than belittle your own self. It amazes me how many untruths are spread about a group or a person with no substantiation. I have “friends” on Facebook that post one-sided, evil comments and as tempted as I am to respond, I do not. I respect their right to voice their opinions, but am disappointed when their posts are vile and so prejudicial and unproven. Do I unfriend them…no…As long as they accept me as their friend, they remain mine. I can’t change their beliefs. As screwed up as a lot of us think the US Government is, it is comprised of many people of many beliefs, and we’re still here. I like being an AMERICAN…I LOVE being an AMERICAN…E PLURIBUS UNUM


Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

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Oh no, not again, what have I done?

Okay, so it’s Christmas time and one is supposed to feel gleeful and loving and cheery and gooey and all those feelings associated with this time of the year.  I get that.  I actually feel those feelings…but, then something pops up and takes away those feelings briefly.

I do the social media thing like a lot of people; however, I’m not obsessed as some are and don’t flood the market.  My postings are occasional.  Maybe there are times when I post too often in short bursts, but I try to limit myself.  Sometimes I put out to the public silly or stupid things.  I’ve been known to delete something after it’s been out there for just a short while, because I know I should never have done it in the first place.  Unfortunately, those postings that I delete may have already been noticed by some.  Just like words that come out of your mouth and you regret you ever said them, that’s how those deleted postings remain in the minds of some.  That brings me to the reason for this, my blog…

I do the Facebook thing.  I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve done it.  When I first signed on, I thought it was a super way to reconnect with long lost friends and a way to put myself out there for friends searching for me.  It was nice to see a Birthday wish or a family gathering of people I knew.  Gradually, the postings became more like commercials on TV.  Friends of friends of friends shared their likes and dislikes.  Honestly, most of those “likes” are of no interest to me.  I can scroll through page after page on Facebook before one small posting may catch my eye.

I bowed out of Facebook for about 3 months.  I wasn’t seeing all the negative posts that irked me.  I didn’t have to scroll through page after page of “likes” and “shares” to find one simple posting that interested me.  I felt some peace.

Well, I signed back on to Facebook about a month ago thinking I’d try again.  Not sure I’ve done the right thing.  I’m trying to keep an open mind and not be so critical of postings that I think should never have been put there.  I have the urge to make a rebuttal comment of a friend’s posting degrading another human, but that might just make my blood pressure rise and blood boil, so I’m holding “my tongue”.  Any posting I make, I shall try to make it a positive one.  I may even “unfriend” some more friends (I’ve already done that to some because of their negativity).  It may be that I’ll have a Facebook page with just good friends and no bad friends.  Is that an oxymoron??

Look out Instagram…


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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The Plan

I have not visited here lately.  I suppose that’s because I really don’t expect anyone to be interested in the thoughts that originate in my head and find their way to my fingertips on the keyboard.  But there have been times when I wish I had taken a moment to let those ideas, thoughts, feelings and desires transfer from my head to the written word.  With that said, I take a moment now.

I think of myself as a person who can multi-task and a person who very much likes to plan ahead.  Put those two attributes (or faults, if you will)  together and that, in my mind, describes me.  Obviously there are situations where I’d be better served to focus on a single task.  I’ve been known to create problems by trying to do too many things at the same time.

Multitasking aside, I write more about my planning abilities.  I don’t mean any major plan that came to fruition and made me famous or rich.  It’s the plans made throughout my life which gives me satisfaction.  In elementary school, I planned to have good penmanship and spelling abilities.  To this day, my penmanship is excellent and I’m a very good speller.  I practiced calligraphy and though no expert, I can produce an acceptable work in calligraphy.  In the intermediate levels of school, I planned to befriend strangers and today, you will see me greet strangers with kindness and respect, no matter their position in life.  In high school, I planned to learn English grammar so I could communicate with understanding.  Still today, I prefer to communicate via written word more so than vocal or visual contact.

I planned to join the USAF after High School graduation and less than a month after that graduation, I was on my way to basic training in Texas.  I planned to do well in my tech school in the USAF and I succeeded in learning the Morse Code required.  I later in life utilized Morse Code when obtaining a license and operating an Amateur Radio station in my home.

I planned and completed my 4 years of military service. I planned to find a companion and spend my life with her.  That happened before I was discharged from the USAF.  We planned a life together with children, a nice home, and stability.  Judy and I are still paired after almost 57 years.  We have a nice home and are living a stable, happy, retired life.   We had 3 children.  Sadly, our oldest left this earth before us.

I planned to become an Air Traffic Control Specialist for the Federal Aviation Agency, but upon exit from the USAF, the FAA did not need new hires.  Being an Air Traffic Controller was my lifelong ambition.  Disappointment!!  With a young family, I planned seeking a job with benefits.  Sandia Corporation gave me that opportunity, and I progressed from messenger-boy to electronic technician with the company.  That was six years of planning.

Six years into my job at Sandia Corporation, the FAA started a hiring program and my true lifelong career desire was there in front of me.  I had no doubt they’d hire me.  I knew I would be good at that job.  I planned to be the best.  I did that job for 28 years and I KNOW I was good, really good and never doubted that I was the BEST Air Traffic Control Specialist, ever.  The reason I felt that way was because I was a planner and tried to always stay ahead of situations that only an Air Traffic Controller can understand.  One thing I didn’t plan was returning to air traffic control after retirement, but was called upon to instruct future controllers.  My retirement at that time lasted one year, then I planned to make sure only the best succeeded the training requirements.

I planned to retire in an area of mild weather and recreation choices.  We live in Arizona (okay not so mild in summer), but living the good life and enjoying golf.

I planned to always have funds set aside if possible.  We are not rich, not poor, but we are comfortable and still add to the savings funds monthly.

I plan to live 160 years!!

So while walking my dog today, all these thoughts came to me.  I realized how much I have really planned.  What is so rewarding is knowing that most all of my planning has been successful.   Will I live for 160 years?  I still believe I can do that!  …but, realistically I plan for my end.   And you know what, it’s kind of exciting thinking of that moment and realizing you planned that and you’re successful.  I’m looking forward to that with satisfaction knowing I’ve achieved my final plan.

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My #1 child

Losing a child is a very traumatic happening in anyone’s life.  Losing a young child seems to be even more devastating.  I say “seems to be” but in reality, losing a child of any age can be such a sad occurrence.  Our first born died on January 31, 2017.  Tracie had been ill for quite some time, but we really thought she would outlive her parents.  That is not the case.  So many family and friends have sent their condolences, it is overwhelming.  We would like to acknowledge each one and have tried to do that.  We’re  certain we’ll not send acknowledgements to all simply because of the numbers received.  When I say friends, it wasn’t just our friends who sent condolences…it’s amazing how many friends Tracie had and how she impacted those friends.  When you became a friend to Tracie, you were a friend for life and she tried to keep in contact with all of them no matter where they were.  We could say so MUCH more about our #1 child, but we wouldn’t know when to stop writing.  And with each mention of her name, the tears build, the writing ceases, the mind wanders, the pictures form and the body goes weak with sadness.  I know time, as “they” say, heals the pain, but it will never stop a tear from forming, a memory recurring, or just a sigh.  So much to be said.  Yet, what describes Tracie to me is something so simple.  She’s most always inscribed her gifts to me.  For Father’s Day, 2017, among the gifts she gave me was a small Dr. Seuss book…yep, a Dr. Seuss book for her Daddy.  The book was “Oh, the THiNKS you Can ThinK!”

The inscription she wrote:  Happy Fathers Day To The #1 Thinkers Think Champ!  Who is also the Best DAD Me thinks is FACT June 2017 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOUR ELDEST TRACIE

My tears are flowing, my writing must stop, the memories are flashing, my #1 child’s picture is vivid, my body has weakened, and a long deep sigh has formed.

We love you, Tracie

No more pain for Tracie, but we must endure the ache.  Tracie was a shining light in so many lives.  If one needed help with planning an event, Tracie was definitely the go-to person.  She loved the challenge of making arrangements from anything to a simple birthday party for a two-year old to making all the arrangements for the wedding of a 26-year old daughter.  To Tracie, life was all about family.  If you were part of Tracie’s family, you knew it.  She never forgot a birthday or an anniversary or a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  Tracie loved bestowing gifts on her family.  I know of no one who ALWAYS selected the perfect gift for the occasion.  It wasn’t always just one gift, either; she seemed to incorporate small gifts that complemented the main present.

Tracie loved EVERY family member.  Those loved included cousins no matter how far removed.  Her uncles and aunts would know they were special in her heart.  Her parents knew her endless love.  Even in her final moments and through her agonizing pain, she expressed how much she loved everyone.  No sibling could have been more cherished.  Tracie’s love and loyalty for her husband went unmatched.  In Tracie’s heart and eyes, she adored her children and would share her feelings of such pride in her actions and words to anyone who would take a moment to listen.  Of all the love she doled out, none can compare to her love of her two sweet granddaughters.  They knew her as Nana-Banana and she was especially overjoyed to have that title.  All who knew her will have an emptiness in their mind, body and soul; those two very young granddaughters won’t understand that emptiness, but will know that Nana-Banana won’t be far away and Nana-Banana will shine her light of love on them forever.

It is with Amazing Grace that Tracie has entered this world and touched so many people with her love.  And it is with Amazing Grace that we cherish her memory and look forward to being with her again.

Tracie Allyn Frye King, age 55 of Goodyear, AZ died July 31, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ.  She was born May 20, 1962 to Kermit and Judith Grey Frye in Albuquerque, NM.  Tracie was a thespian at El Dorado High School class of 1980.  She attended college at Eastern New Mexico University and graduated from Fresno Pacific University.  She was a Corpsman in the US Navy from 1983 to 1984.  Tracie worked as a school teacher.  She continued her love of acting as a Community Theatre Raisin Cain Player.  She was a member of the Kingsburg, CA Women’s Club as well as a member of the Kingsburg First Baptist Church.


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Addiction #30 Flying Rats

Addiction #30  October 2, 2012

Addiction to Flying Rats




Think of the tune to “Up on the housetop, reindeer…”

Up on the housetop pigeon’s feet  pigeons

We can all see them from the street

Down on the shingles with lots of poop  Bird Poop

All for the PebbleCreekers group


Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?  Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click

Down through the eaves, it’s making me sick.



First comes the folks who like to gripe AlrightAlreadyLogo1400

While the poop dries out and does not ripe

Give them some humor for laughs and cries

lolAnd when looking up they’re should shut their eyes Face poop


Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?  Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click,

Down through the eaves, it’s making me sick.



Next comes the lovers Bird Lovers  who like the birds.  

Oh, they don’t mind those avian turds.
wooden slat chairGet them a chair with wooden slats  

So they can watch the flying rats. 


Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?  Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click,

Down through the eaves, it’s making me sick.



One more verse will I now write

And hope you can visualize this sight. visualize

Just get a hammer and lots of tacks

Hammer and tacks

And insure your roof doesn’t have any cracks.

Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?  Ho, ho ho! Why don’t they go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click,

Down through the eaves, it’s making… me… sick!!

Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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Addiction #29 Chick-Fil-A

 Addiction #29  7/28/1012


Addiction to Chick-Fil-A


Perhaps you’ve wondered why I’ve penned no addictions?

writer's block

I can’t really blame the moderator’s restrictions. no-no-no

Couldn’t seem to find the material I needed.

Now, because of the Creekers, my mind has been seeded!



I’ve been waiting for some crazy nonsensical stuff.


And wouldn’t you know it, it was just enough

When those Creeking posters made my day

By ranting and raving about Chick-Fil-A!

couple-arguing1            chick fil a


It had nothing to do with the food they put out.

But, t’was another issue it was about.

Naturally our group has varying views;


And of course the media made it very big news.


If ignored the subject would gradually fade –

That simple statement that Chick’s boss made. same sex marriage

But the Creekers just simply can’t let it go

And thus, the debate just continues to flow.


While the moderators allow it to continue as such

In my mind it’s become a little too much.

Let it go

They should place those debates on total restrictions

As they did to me for my posting addictions!


But, back to Fil-A, I now retreat.

Some gag at the thought of going there to eat.

If that’s your choice, No postings, No grief; 

stop complaining

Bypass the chickin’ and eat mor’ beef!!

eat more beef

Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…


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Addiction #28 – Scoop the Poop

Scoop the Poop


I noticed a doggie along the street, walkingthedog2

No more than a foot from the owner’s feet.

His back was humped, pooping dog his rump was droopy

And I think he was doing the puppy poopy!

The owner was glancing up to the sky, daydreaming

Ignoring that which did not please his eye.

walking away with the dog And off they went when the chore was done

To let that poop just bake in the sun. dog poop

Apparently the boss was above that chore

Because of that mess he thought no more.

Let someone else make that their concern

For off to his house he now must return.


So that made me wonder how he might live.

Respect for his neighbors he does not give.

Most likely his home is a wreck I’m sure,

2.20.15-Dogs-Who-Are-Proud-They-Trashed-Your-House2 And I doubt he’d invite you in for a tour.


For a person to ignore what his doggie did

Was maybe even the way he raised his kid.

A trashy place that’s full of germs;

Food in his fridge that’s full of worms.


What? you say, not possibly true…

How would you know unless it was you

Who’s out there ignoring your dutiful call

Of leaving your crap for me and for all.

As the saying goes, “wear it, if the shoe fits”

And clean up the spot where your dog …  s its.

clean up dog



Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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144 months to live

Well, I’m being a bit pessimistic.  Actually the Social Security Administration says I have 145 months, 27 days, 14 hours and 24 minutes left to collect my benefit (not my entitlement).  That last month’s benefit may have to be returned.  There are other tables out there (one published by John Hancock) that say I might even make it for as many as 168 more months.  I hope John is more accurate that the Social Security Administration.

In truth, at one time, I wanted to live to the age of 160 so my descendants could have bragging rights about their great, great, great-whatever having lived in the 20th, 21st and 22nd Century.  Then I might be known as THE “Little Big Man” instead of Dustin Hoffman having that honor.

Just recently (before Googling the life expectancy tables), I was feeling shocked and depressed because I thought I only had about 6 YEARS left.  I was already planning on down-sizing so Judy and our kids wouldn’t have to make those decisions of what to keep and what to toss.  My mind is at ease now…with my added time, I will start culling out that stuff and try to plan my departure with one pair of pants, one shirt, one pair of underwear, one pair of socks, one pair of shoes slippers, a can of soup and a spoon.

But for now, I am once again motivated to refill by bucket instead of just coasting down the decline.  I’ll plug the holes in my old bucket and salvage some of those list items.  May not get ’em all done, but this way the dream stays alive with me for 145 months, 27 days, 14 hours and 24 minutes.

I’m breathing easier…


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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More “wholey” than thou

I have family and friends who follow the Bible and the teachings of that book…up to a certain point.  I’ve seen such vile posts on Facebook directed toward people.  Ironically, those evil words are said simply because the person isn’t of the same political party or because of their race or both or because of the religion or because of their gender or because they’re just different.  They’re just not liked.

This is not about politics or religion.  This is about me.  Quite honestly, I  don’t know much about politics or religion.   Of course, I have my opinions and my beliefs.  There are some politicians I don’t like, but I don’t hate them.  I may mutter that I think they are idiotic, but I don’t shout it out via social media.  I have my opinion as to whether they are good or bad for the people, but my opinion is just that…an opinion and it means little to someone else.

My bugaboo is the hypocrisy of those God-fearing people who show no compassion for someone with whom they disagree.  Sure, it’s fine to disagree, but to make such evil statements and post such evil gossip on social media outlets is disgusting.  Those hypocrites are the people I don’t like…but, I don’t hate them.  I just shake my head in disbelief that someone whom I thought was of sound mind can be so narrow-minded and refuse to admit they might be wrong in their assessment of another human being.  Do I want them to agree with me??  No, that’s not the point.  I cringe when I see the nasty comments made without verifying the damaging stones they throw.

Can I change those folks’ minds…probably not.  But if I could simply infuse those nay-Sayers with some positive thoughts about their imagined opponents, maybe, just maybe, their slanderous thoughts would cease.  Maybe they would be more positive in other aspects of their life.  Maybe they would indeed practice “what they preach”.

I’m by no means perfect in my lifetime thoughts or actions.  I’m not a very religious person, but up against those who are critical of so many even while professing living by the good book, I feel “more wholey than thou”.


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…



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Addiction #27 – The Great Mulch Fire

Okay, here goes.  Off in the distance, perhaps 5 miles, there is a vacant lot (field) where there are piles of rubbish.  The field has probably been a dumping ground for years.  Mostly the rubbish consists of tree branches, piles of weeds, piles of dry grass and “stuff” like that.  When a fire started in those piles of mulch, it smoldered for several days.  True, the smoke stench was obnoxious and fire crews attempted to put it out, but honestly, it would have taken a lot of time away from the fire crews’ other duties to totally contain it.  So the decision was to let it run its course since there was no flame danger…just smoldering and smoking!!  Our privileged few felt that the “government” should do something to fix this problem.  There were lots of idiotic suggestions, i.e., air drop retardant, have the government provide accommodations, gratis, at local hotels until the smell went away…  Bear in mind, this was not a very big smoldering pile of rubbish and sure enough, within a few days it was over and done!  Go figure…

ADDICTION #27  2/22/2012

The Great Mulch Fire of 2012

Now, don’t get me wrong and think I don’t care   Lamenting

Of our environment and the quality of air.

But the mulch fire that started a few days past;  MULCH FIRE

Some thought the stench would continue to last;

  ANGRY CROWD Because up in arms some group members rose

To tell those firemen to “get on their toes!”

We’re to write to the mayor of Litchfield Park,

Extinguish those flames, leave not a spark.

Some suggested by air, retardant be droppedRETARDANT AIR DROP

And don’t let up ‘til the smoke has been stopped.

Perhaps it’s possible the winds might shift

And out to Verrado, that smoke might drift .VERRADO

If that would happen, then I might think

It would be their turn to raise the stink.

Others don’t have the pull our group does;

ArroganceOr think that we do or wish that it was.

We could Google for info about fires from a mulch

Like the one burning there in Sarival gulch.

Not sure what I’d do with what I’d be learning

Except for the fact that mulches likes burning.    smoldering-fire

It probably won’t last very much more

Than a day or two, maybe three or four.  CALENDAR

Writing the government as some will do,

Shaking up departments like the D E Q        DEQ

Bringing quick results of this I’m sure –

They’ll confirm once again that our air PURE AIR is pure.

Why doesn’t government offer some special rates  BURNS HOTEL

At hotels until this smoke dissipates?

Not sure how much more I can take of this choking!CHOKING

And aren’t you glad you gave up smoking?CIGARETTE SMOKING

None of these thoughts are my desires…

Just wanna please the group by dousing the fires.


Life is “Just Right” here in Arizona…

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