Far Right, Far Left, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Independent – What is going on with us AMERICANS??? I have never seen so much hate and discontent being splashed on every media outlet available. Sure we all have our opinions, hopes, worries, dreams for a better America and a better personal life. Are there evil Democrats?? …Are there evil Republicans?? …are there evil Americans?? …of course there are!! But I don’t hate EVERY Democrat, EVERY Republican, EVERY woman, EVERY African American, EVERY Muslim, EVERY Jew, EVERY Native American. There are a lot of people I don’t LIKE, but HATE seems so FINAL. For those who focus so intently on THEIR party-affiliation and totally disregard the opposing party’s views, maybe, just maybe, if you took a moment to realize that those folks are not your enemies…they are simply Americans with a different perspective. The mud-slinging does no more than belittle your own self. It amazes me how many untruths are spread about a group or a person with no substantiation. I have “friends” on Facebook that post one-sided, evil comments and as tempted as I am to respond, I do not. I respect their right to voice their opinions, but am disappointed when their posts are vile and so prejudicial and unproven. Do I unfriend them…no…As long as they accept me as their friend, they remain mine. I can’t change their beliefs. As screwed up as a lot of us think the US Government is, it is comprised of many people of many beliefs, and we’re still here. I like being an AMERICAN…I LOVE being an AMERICAN…E PLURIBUS UNUM


Life is “Just Right” in Arizona

About kkfroggie

Native Virginian, 4 years in the USAF, became a "one-woman man" in 1961 (Judy is my soulmate forever), 6 years with Sandia Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28 years in ATC, 5 years instructing ATC, retired, enjoying the heat of Arizona, lovin' the American Southwest and playing lots of golf!! Life is "just right"!!!
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2 Responses to I am an AMERICAN

  1. Jill page says:

    Let not the face so filled with hatred be my own. To answer hatred with equal measure of hate diminishes only me. Xo jill

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