2021 – HOPE

Oh, how I yearn for a normal day.

What ‘ere that might be?

Family, friends that I might say

A hug I have for thee.

But still we must bide the hour

To see better days ahead.

For it is not within our power

To solely halt this dread.

Sickness that has plagued our race

Is yet to be contained.

And each and all should surely face

What a scourge upon us rained.

Together we should do our best

To make safety a major task.

And yet to some it seems a test

To simply wear a mask!

To those who want to resist

The guidance of those who know,

This virus continues to persist

And the death rate does not slow.

If all would only do their part,

Perhaps losses would be less.

Heed the advice unto you heart

And ease your neighbor’s stress.

Come together, let’s fight the fight;

Make it safer for one and all.

Do what you know is only right;

Listen to the science call

A year has cost a heavy price

With the loss of not just few.

Think not once, nor even twice

What each of us could do.

A prayer be said for everyone

To step up to the call;

So you may know when it is done

That grief on us won’t fall.

Pray for those who’ve lost someone.

Pray to ease their saddened pain

And know that in another time

They’ll be with them again.

Reach out to those who’ve had some doubt

How serious this has been.

You just might make them come about

To bring normalcy back again.

About kkfroggie

Native Virginian, 4 years in the USAF, became a "one-woman man" in 1961 (Judy is my soulmate forever), 6 years with Sandia Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28 years in ATC, 5 years instructing ATC, retired, enjoying the heat of Arizona, lovin' the American Southwest and playing lots of golf!! Life is "just right"!!!
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1 Response to 2021 – HOPE

  1. George says:

    Excellent Kermit, (as usual), but this is especially relevant. I have not been too active wordwise, recently, concentrating however on woodwork, but you have jolted me, so stand by! God bless all of you and keep safe.

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