I am a PATRIOT, are you?

January 6, 2021.  A day that many Americans should be so ashamed of their actions.  I said Americans…I did not say Patriots, because those individuals that participated in the assault on the Capitol of the United States of America in Washington, DC are not patriots.  Those people are the disgruntled, riot-inciting, people who do not believe in the democratic process upon which this country was built.

I am a Democrat.  I DO NOT HATE Republicans. 

I know there are bad Republicans and I know there are bad Democrats.  There are good politicians.  There are bad politicians, whether they be Republican or whether they be Democrat.  I don’t love every Democrat and as stated early I don’t hate every Republican.   Our current President, Donald Trump seems to HATE EVERY DEMOCRAT!!.  Because of his strong desire to be a King, he has incited Americans to rise to insurrection. 

I don’t like bad people.  I do not like those who abuse children, those who abuse amimals, those who murder people, those who prey on older people, those who incite riots and looting, and those who take other people’s property.

I do not like Donald Trump.  His agenda seems to be how best he can help Donald Trump and his family…not how he can help this country.  He has surrounded himself with politicians and aides who do his bidding at any moment.  If they refuse, he fires them and chooses another until that person then is eventually replaced by another.  He is responsible for how terrible this pandemic has become in America because of his lack of understanding and his lack of timely action.  Truthfully, I think Donald Trump’s lack of understanding is simply that he is ignorant.  He may have been successful in business, but certainly, there has been absolutely no success in his Presidency.

I’m not sure how anyone does not see his evilness??  There are so many events that have occurred during the last 4 years to have put our country at the bottom of the heap in respectability around the world, and the ONLY reason for that is because of Donald Trump’s acting improperly at the role of President.

I’m not a student of politics.  I just know that Donald Trump is a bad person and is only concerned about his reign. 

I don’t know Joe Biden’s philosophy or political ambition, but I feel confident he is a good person and definitely a better person that Trump.  My belief is that he will represent all people of America, Democrat and Republican.

I know there are those who know me will disagree with my perspective.  I understand that.  I’ve not always agreed with your beliefs either.  If you see this on Facebook, it’s because you’re my friend, not my enemy.  You can delete it or unfriend me…that’s okay. 

Let’s hope we can all work together and not dislike someone simply because they are of a different political party.  After all, we are Americans and hopefully we will remain Patriots and support our government.

About kkfroggie

Native Virginian, 4 years in the USAF, became a "one-woman man" in 1961 (Judy is my soulmate forever), 6 years with Sandia Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28 years in ATC, 5 years instructing ATC, retired, enjoying the heat of Arizona, lovin' the American Southwest and playing lots of golf!! Life is "just right"!!!
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3 Responses to I am a PATRIOT, are you?

  1. Jill Page says:

    Thanks, Kermit! Well done! I doubt fewer people are further left than I am, but the extremists on both sides need to stand down. Their refusal to compromise has nearly brought this country to the brink. The Tea Partiers moved their party too far right and the Bernie-or-else folks undoubtedly helped lose the election for Hillary. Honestly the fact that I can applaud the likes of Bill Kristol or any of the LincolnProject folks fills me with hope (and a little humility). It was a difficult day. I sincerely hope the Real Republicans can recapture their party. They represent the wishes of half the nation so their survival is imperative. Trump is an abomination. I hope he is held to account! Sent from my iPad


  2. George Potter says:

    Hi Kermit,
    I object to foreigners telling me, an Englishman, how my country should be run etc. So, as a foreigner to the USA, it is not for me to comment, BUT I have the choice of whom I call my friends and I am very glad to claim you are my friend, and in that respect I can agree with your opinions, (or disagree), that’s democracy! In this particular case, may I strongly agree with your words, in every particular, and I think most other English people would agree.
    I cannot quite understand how such a man could be elected in the first place!

    • kkfroggie says:

      Thank you, George, for your response. My wife and I have been at our wits end since the very beginning of Trump’s inauguration. We absolutely knew from day one that he is an evil man and had absolutely no concept of politics. His one and only ambition is to promote himself as a leader of the world and obviously, he has failed at that miserably. The man should be locked away. I could go on and on with my disenchantment with Trump and our politicians, but for now, I only hope and pray the next 2 weeks is kept under control until the beginning of a NEW democracy for us crazy Americans. Best to you and family…Happy NEW YEAR…stay well. Kermit

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