I live near a US Air Force training base.  I see and hear the F35 jet aircraft departing throughout the week on their training missions.  As I write the following, I never thought to wonder if the pilots were Republicans or were they Democrats.  It just impressed on my mind how well they work as a team.  I doubt if the pilots are concerned if his/her wingman is a Democrat or a Republican.  They know that each has the other’s back.  They may depart individually, but often they return to their base in a formation of as many as four aircraft.  I marvel at the coordination exhibited as they approach.  They work so well together.  If they didn’t, then there may be a disaster.  I wish our Congress could be formation flyers.

I am a Democrat.  I am a registered Democrat.  I am registered so I can vote.  Do I always vote a straight Democratic ticket…NO.  Are there bad Democrats…some.  Are there bad Republicans…some.  I am a liberal and I am liberal..  Do I have conservative thoughts, plans, practices and ideals…SOMETIMES.  I have Republican friends and family members.  Do I hate them?  Of course not.  Do my Republican friends and family members hate me?  They may disagree with me, but I can’t imagine them HATING me, otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends!!

Do I support President Joe Biden?  Yes.  Did I vote for President Joe Biden?  Yes.  Do I believe in all of his policies and practices?  No.  Do I think he will be a good President for our divided country?  Yes.  Do I think he would ever encourage an insurrection if he ran and lost the next election?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

I’m certain every Republican does not support Donald Trump as I’m just as certain that every Democrat does not support President Joe Biden.  I cannot for the life of me understand how ANYONE can not see what havoc and discontent Trump has caused while holding the office of President of the United States.  Yes, the radical groups who are his supporters will continue to promote Trump as their leader, but surely, honest, law-abiding, honorable, common-sense citizens should acknowledge what an evil man Trump is and will continue to be.

The Representatives and Senators who are stubbornly failing to acknowledge that evilness only because it hurts their personal political future are essentially empowering Trump to try in the next election to regain his “King” status.   If they would vote their conscience; if they would put aside their political fear,  Trump should be relegated to being a business man and not a political figure for which he was never qualified in the first place.  Let him display his dishonesty on a golf course, never again from the Oval office.

I can’t convince anyone to alter their thoughts on the events of January 6, 2021.  You either saw it as something disgraceful or not.  I would only hope it changed for some the opinion of what was the Commander-in-Chief’s responsibility.  He should have and could have stopped the chaos, destruction and death for which he was responsible for initially.  He did not.

I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Independent, Democrat or….  You are my friends and if you chose not to be my friend simply because of my Registered Political Party affiliation, I feel the sadness for me and for you.  Democrats don’t have to hate Republicans and Republicans don’t have to hate Democrats.  We’re all from one country and should respect other’s opinions but NEVER tolerate hate, bigotry, violence and insurrection from anyone. 

I am so fortunate to be a CITIZEN of the United States of America and so saddened and disgusted by those who try to ruin this country’s democracy.

Hopefully, healing will come.  Hopefully, we will never tolerate a President who promotes hate and violence.  Our President should always be the lead Pilot of a unified formation of Democrats, Republicans and all LOYAL Americans. 

About kkfroggie

Native Virginian, 4 years in the USAF, became a "one-woman man" in 1961 (Judy is my soulmate forever), 6 years with Sandia Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28 years in ATC, 5 years instructing ATC, retired, enjoying the heat of Arizona, lovin' the American Southwest and playing lots of golf!! Life is "just right"!!!
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