I plan.  I am a planner.  I like to plan.

I can roll out of bed in the morning and plan what I will have for breakfast.  After breakfast, I note that I achieved that plan.  Something so simple to me.  If I didn’t have for breakfast what I had planned, I don’t get disappointed.  I chalk that up to spontaneity.  I can plan what I will do later in the day or even what I might do tomorrow,  or 3 months from now.  I may plan a doctor appointment.  I may plan a golf outing.  I may plan a birthday greeting to family or friend.  It goes on and on.

Some may think that planning, especially my planning,  is a bit OCD. I don’t have that same feeling.  I may plan something and it doesn’t happen.  That’s not always disappointing.  But if my plan comes to fruition, then I have a feeling of satisfaction.I believe I have been a planner all my life.  As a youngster, I remember planning to do good in school.  As I progressed from first to second to third grade and so on, I had that feeling of accomplishment that I was fulfilling my plans.  Before graduating from high school, I planned to enlist in the USAF after graduating.  I graduated on June 12 and left for basic training on July 15.  Plan completed.

I planned to be a good serviceman.  I planned to complete my four-year commitment without blemish.  Success. 

I planned getting married, having a family and providing for my family.  Each plan came to fruition.  Satisfaction.  I say satisfaction because whenever I planned something and it came about, I had that feeling of accomplishment that I planned it, I did it, and it worked!!

As a very young person I wanted and planned to be involved in aviation.  That’s the reason I planned the US Air Force for my military service.  I was around aircraft primarily during my last two years in the Air Force.  I planned and finagled my way into a ride in bomber aircraft and fighter aircraft.  Success.  Satisfaction!!

I planned to complete my service honorably and seek employment with the Federal Aviation Administration.  I received an honorable discharge – partial success, some disappointment.  At the end of my four years of military service, the Federal Aviation Administration was not hiring.  Big Disappointment – plan failed!!

Never giving up, but realizing I needed to provide for my family, I planned working for wages to meet that goal.  Part time jobs at Montgomery Wards, JC Penneys, 7-11 convenience store provided income.  Knowing I didn’t want these jobs as my life-long career, I planned to work for Sandia Corporation,  a subcontractor to the Atomic Energy Commission.  I interviewed and was hired as a messenger – gotta start somewhere on your plans. 

I planned to improve my position and wages at Sandia.  I was promoted to communications operator involving teletype inputs.  BTW, in high school, I had planned to learn typing, had a wonderful young (pretty) female teacher and I feel that typing class has helped me to this day.  I was comfortable with a typewriter while in the military as I learned Morse Code and typed messages as the code came into my ear.  Thank you pretty, young typing teacher – success!!

At Sandia, I planned to progress further and sought opportunities within Sandia.  An electronic apprenticeship course was offered.  I completed that course and learned bits and pieces of what an electronic technician needed to know to become a journeyman.   I value that experience, but my plan to work for the Federal Aviation Administration was still in my head.

Six years into my employment at Sandia Corporation, The FAA published a need to hire personnel for a career in Air Traffic control – God has spoken – thank you, thank you, my dream and plan lives on.

PLAN A. – Beg, borrow or steal a way to be accepted by the FAA.  SUCCESS.  Now, plan to be the best Air Traffic Controller,  EVER.  I really did work hard because I didn’t want to lose this opportunity.  In my mind, I WAS the best Air Traffic Controller, EVER.  Thank you, God, success, satisfaction, fruition.

I planned to visit other parts of the world.  In the USAF, I was sent to Turkey.  Not where I would have planned, but it was another part of the world.  While with the FAA, I planned a tour in another facility, and fulfilled that plan with a 2-year tour for me and my family in Puerto Rico.  During one period, volunteers were needed in other facilities due to a strike.  I planned my assignment to Minnesota, okay not another part of the “world” but another part of our country.

Later “I” planned a trip for my wife to England.  Alright, she planned, I helped.  She and her sister toured together.  Later in our married life, my wife and I planned a fabulous trip to Italy and that plan came to fruition.  Wonderful Satisfaction!

Prior to retirement, I planned to deplete monthly some funds in a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) to supplement our retirement income knowing a 45-50% cut in finances had some consequence.  That plan worked perfectly.  I actually patted myself on the back for having planned that almost 7 years in advance and it worked as planned.

Being under the Civil Service Retirement System, I knew that when I became eligible for some Social Security Benefits, it wouldn’t amount to much.  Still I planned to set that SS benefit aside into a separate savings account if feasible.  I’ve now been receiving SS benefits for 18 years.  I haven’t gotten rich, but IF I purchased a new car, SS benefits could make my payments!!  That plan worked.

After retiring, Judy and I had no plans to move.  We had talked about possibly moving a little farther south, but not really considering it seriously.  We made a trip to Arizona and stumbled upon an active adult community that was very appealing.  We both looked at each other and thought, “how nice it would be to live in an active adult community like PebbleCreek in Goodyear, Arizona.”  On a whim, we asked a realtor friend what we might net from the sale of our home in Albuquerque.

PLAN B. – SELL, pack it up, move… plan, plan, plan. 

Here we are in Goodyear, Arizona almost 19 years later without a single regret of leaving our home of 28 years in Albuquerque.  One of the best plans we’ve ever made.

I’ll have to admit that some plans went awry, but I don’t think they have affected my life.

PLAN C. – The Ultimate Plan

I plan to live to be 160 years old.  I am over the half-way mark now…so far, so good.  I do plan to die.  Yes, I am making plans for that.  I’m anticipating the fruition of that plan.  I’m only disappointed that I may not realize that I’ve succeeded at that ultimate plan. 

For all the plans I made, whether they were for that day, that week, that month, that year or 5 years from then, whenever the plan was completed, I felt the gratification of being a success at something. 

If you are with me before I take my last breath; even though it may be before my 160th year, this is all I ask.  Lean over to my ear and whisper, “Kermit, your plan has worked…you are successful”.  I’m guessing you will see a smile on my lips for the fruition of plan C.

I plan.  I am a planner.  I like to plan.

About kkfroggie

Native Virginian, 4 years in the USAF, became a "one-woman man" in 1961 (Judy is my soulmate forever), 6 years with Sandia Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28 years in ATC, 5 years instructing ATC, retired, enjoying the heat of Arizona, lovin' the American Southwest and playing lots of golf!! Life is "just right"!!!
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